Moving into new spaces calls for new kinds of movement. My movements in this space are at once free and constrained by experience of other spaces. They are the dance of a wayfarer aware of the curiously prescriptive power of spontaneously adopted paths. This terrain is invested gradually, sporadically, erratically, revealing a trajectory that is not planned or mapped out, but enacted across different media, thoughts, identities, and languages.

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These pages present work it is hard to account for in conventional academic settings. As a researcher, I draw on phases of pragmatic experimentation and practice, and on personal writing, to anchor theoretical reflection and speculation. Evidence of some of this activity is collated and documented as the following thematic clusters:


The 1994 Motion Capture - e-Motion Capture workshop was organised from a free-lance, non-institutional position. Participation in the 1997 IMUTE workshop was likewise ensured as an independent collaborator. Subsequent initiatives correspond to a post as a European Framework project Research Associate (Real Gestures, Virtual Environments), then as a French art school director (Deeds & Gestures, ComiXlam, Pure Data). On joining Newcastle University in September 2004, research activities pursued there, then in Sussex, include practice-led events encapsulated by AMUC, CREATOR, Motion in Place, Music & Machines.


My university missions have involved steering complex infrastructure design and refurbishment projects. Research Building sections in the following pages offer glimpses of very concrete building tasks in Newcastle and Sussex. While constraining in terms of duties that do not align with standard university work load planning, such tasks demand stakeholder representation clearly informed from within the institution. This means juggling academic activities with major project responsibilities: about £5M and a two-year design and development phase in Newcastle; approximately double that sum and project duration in Sussex. Sussex Humanities Lab, launched in 2015, is a co-directed interdisciplinary research programme.


My publications range from manifestos and commissioned government and intergovernmental policy papers, to conventional academic outputs. Works reproduced here consist of personal writings on identities and cultures, posed from my dual South Pacific/ European perspective.